Established in 1989, The Gourmet Meat Rack is a butchery with an environmental conscience and a passion for quality.

We deal directly with carefully selected growers who share their passion for the well being of the livestock and the environment.

Our free range pork and chickens are certified organic and sourced locally. Our beef and lamb is free range and grass fed without the use of herbicides or pesticides.

All our Beef & Lamb is supplied by MSA Suppliers.

What is MSA Meat ?

The tenderness and flavour of red meat (beef, lamb and sheepmeat) is dictated by a variety of factors including:

  • Breeding
  • Nutrition
  • Environment
  • Cooking length
  • Cooking method
  • Quality assurance systems on and off-farm

Meat Standards Australia (MSA) is a beef, lamb and sheepmeat eating quality program that removes the need for consumers to have specialist knowledge of beef and sheepmeat. MSA labels the red meat product with a guaranteed grade and recommended cooking method to identify eating quality according to consumer perceptions.

MSA involves all sectors of the production chain from paddock to plate. A wide range of cattle and sheep management practices, processing systems, cuts, ageing periods and cooking methods have been researched to determine the impact each has on eating quality.

MSA retail labels advise the correct cooking method for red meat cuts – guaranteeing the eating quality result. Extensive consumer taste testing protocols form the basis of the MSA program and following several years of extensive consumer research in Japan, Korea and the US, MLA in collaboration with exporters, has launched a program to take MSA technology into Australia’s key export markets.