The best compliments a business can receive is the feedback from it’s customers.

The Gourmet Meat Rack have received a multitude of them over the years. This has enabled our business to build solid relationships and good repore with our customers, clients and the communities we serve.

Don’t just take our word for it, read on!

Ok I'll come clean. I did initially come to this store with a wallet full of five dollar notes expecting a lap dance and a bit of day time entertainment. But I came away with oh so much more. Breasts, rumps, thighs, bellies and a pretty nice rack of lamb. You see the Gourmet Meat Rack just has everything. And the shiny lights that are scattered throughout the store with specials and suggestions just worked to excite me even more.

In fact I was so excited by the time I left the Gourmet Meat Rack that I had to go and sit down for a bit. You see it is not every day that you come across so much meat in one place. And I'm talking good meat too. All kinds of pieces of meat. And the best thing is that it is all for sale!

Gabriel P. - 06/11/2011

This incredible Northcote butcher certainly has a nice rack. And breasts, and thighs, and more. Silly me had been buying my meat for as long as I can remember from nearby Coles but today, today I struck meat gold in the form of Northcote Plaza's very own butcher, The Gourmet Meat Rack.

30 odd different cuts of beef; chicken portions and cuts that you just can't find at the supermarket; beautifully marinated looking skewers and very friendly and professional service, The Gourmet Meat Rack has it all.

I spent around $20 today but for that came away with three ginormous chicken breasts, a handful of beef ribs and a giant piece of sirloin steak. The Gourmet Meat Rack is arguably better value than Coles and the meat looks fresher and is much more prettily displayed. A no brainer really.

Arabella G. - 27/10/2011

No visit to The Plaza is complete without visiting The Rack. I love this butcher. It has improved remarkably over the years and is extremely popular. You can get virtually anything you need to cook a MasterChef recipe at The Rack - from stewing steak through to goat, chicken spare ribs to pork belly. The lamb is particularly delicious - the fillets and rack are simply succulent. Prices are reasonable and service is quick, professional and friendly.

Mary S. - 17/12/2011